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Csillag, a story of a dog with only 2 legs

Csillag joined us from the Kisherceg Association and he was saved already with two missing legs.

Ths story of this cute dog began in December 2012, when someone approached the Association and reported that his neighbor moved and left a number of dogs behind, who grouped up and herded around, causing problems all around town. The man told them that if they could not take care of those dogs he would summon hunters to shoot the dogs, saying that the dogs are not used to humans and one of them is half lame. Of course the Association immediately got there to check out what is true about what the man told but the only thing they could see is that there was not a dog around. They were afraid to have arrived late, but they say a little black fur pile under a bush. As they approached, the pile tried to escape, and they realized that the pile must have been the lame dog. The dog was not altogether lame, but the hind legs were much shorter.

After an hours’ unlucky trial to catch the dog, they lost sight of it – even with such kegs the little animal was a lot faster than they. A few days later the snow began to fall and the Association’s people decided to try again. Surprisingly the dog was sleeping crawled in a barn, so they could catch the dog behind closed doors. They named it Star and their first trip led to he vet, where it turned out that the hind legs were stump: one at the knee joint and the other right under the joint. The injuries were not fresh ones, the skin was too thick there already.

Star is a roughly 5 years old small-medium mix bitch. She was really frightened, at the beginning she did not even come out of her house. Luckily her heart recovered since then and she learned to love the humans so much that she welcomes everyone with barks and with wagging tails right away. She is a bit afraid of men still, but after some minutes friendly with everyone, gets on really well with kids and other dogs, even friendly with cats. Thanks to the Kisherceg Association Star is fixed, got a chip and received vaccination. Only the small shot tells about the earlier bad experiences. She is ok with her stump on soft ground but to get closer to humans she often gets on concrete or on stair and this causes severe wounds.

The Kisherceg Association did everything that was within their power, but getting a trolley or to provide safe heaven for the dog was out of their capacities. So they turned to Noe, where we can ensure cozy placement of such animals.

As we have experience with dogs using trolley we hoped that at least one of the trolleys would be fine for Star, but this turned out not to be the case, so we are raising money for a new trolley for Star to ensure better and more dynamic life for her.

But of course further on our aim is to find a responsible person who would take Star in spite of her incapacity for the rest of her life.

Please consider supporting Star’s trolley by giving to Noe Shelter at the following bank account: OTP 11710002-20083777.

Check for more pics HERE ! ! !

Thanks a lot 


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