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Marmoset in our home – Part 2 Conclusion

The tiny silk monkey came, broke hearts and left
As you could read, 2 days ago a tiny, strange and swift little creature visited a loving family in Obuda. After diligently cleaning all the spider webs even in the most remote corners of the flat, the little animal was caught and Noe was asked for help.

The little monkey came and, of course, enchanted everyone. As registration for monkeys is compulsory in Hungary, we hoped that this little one also had some sort of an identification code so we can transfer it home soon. Our scanners did not find anything like that but we did not give up and kept on investigating. In spite of all our efforts not even our best doctors could find any identifier in the little creature.

But thanks to you Angels, the owner of the silk monkey turned up and this could mean a happy end. But as it is forbidden to privately keep monkeys unregistered in Hungary since 2010 – for already acquired monkeys the law offered a grace period till this year 1 March to collect all the necessary documents and do the paperwork. Before blaming all on bureaucracy, please consider if such a life is really one that a silk monkey should live. Silk monkeys, just as all monkeys, live in communities of various sizes, while those who are kept as pet usually live alone and thus are lonely. Even if they can share some activities with their owners, like sipping morning coffee!, or sneaking under the cover and sleep, or if dressed in cute clothes, this is way far from the natural life of a money like this little fellow. It misses altogether the bond and safety that the other monkeys can provide (that is why our Linda was sharing her kennel with other animals).
So this is the reason behind the strict regulations, which is applied through Europe and this also caused the majority of the problems in this case as well, because authorities order immediate interception and at this point Noe’s role in the case was practically over, because we transferred the little creature to the Budapest Zoo, while it could wait in quarantine to the outcome. As far as we know, the first step is to check if any zoo can adopt the monkey. So, good bye little fellow, we hope you will have a nice and long life.

Juts to make sure: the first post on this case also narrated the appearance of the owners, who were not the most pleased with our course of actions. I know that is wasn’t the best thing to hear from me that they must wait for the official statement and that we are bound by legislations, but I think that because things aren’t going the way people expect them to go does not necessarily mean that we are the guilty, so I do not feel the negative comments on my tone quite fair.

So the monkey came, broke our hearts, ate all the favourite melon and left.


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