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A marmoset in the living room – part 1

WARNING CUTIE ALARM and what can happen…

Nowadays, if someone is not careful enough and irresponsible about airing the room, intruders can occupy their room…This happened to a poor family in Buda…they came and go and in the next minute they saw that a strange creature was making mischief in their flat, on the cornice, on the shelves, everywhere. Actually they were not even sure that the quick, jumping and flying thing was alone or not, as it appeared here in one minute but it was blinking with its small but incredibely intelligent eyes somewhere else in the next minute. After their first shock, the family tried to get rid of the dwarf-intruder but this midget was not the type who could be sent away easily as it didn’t want to give up its new playground. Our family had no other choice but to do something, so they found that long-time-no-seen toil and grabbed the intruder quickly. Our best friend, Google helped them to identify the newcomer so it turned out that it was a common marmoset. The mistress of the house was very happy, as the little creature helped to clean up all the cobweb from everywhere but the Lord of the house said he had three sons and they weremmore than enough, he didn’t need a monkey. So they called us for help. Of course, we ran right away there to save this unusual tot and although it proved us too that the only thing that is bigger than its cuteness is his speed, we were finally able to catch it.

Keeping marmostes doesn’t require a licence, but their origin has to be proved by official documents every time so we really hope that we can find a chip in it. Unfortunately our chip-reader didn’t show any kind of unique identifications but we are not about to give up that we can find its owner. He is facing new medical examinations today.
If someone is missing a little sweetie who is obviously a male in the 11. District in Budapest, don’t hesitate to call us on 06 70 38 39 480. Don’t forget the documents about the origin of the marmoset.

More photos about the monkey-saving action: További képek a majmocska mentésről: HERE! ! !


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