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A miracle coming true, or the true story of Füstös, the sealdog’s luck

This fairy tale began last May when a lame little dog with an incredible heart, will and soul proved that nothing is impossible and miracles do exist. But miracles don’t come easy, one has to fight, there is no easier way and one can never give up.
Smokey, who last May was only lamely crawling around like a seal in a ditch near a road, in one year became a decked out royal dog on four sleeping on sheep leather.

In May 2011 animal rescuers found a scruffy, gray, puli-like dog in the ditch of Road 4 pulling itself on its fore-feet – this was Smokey.

He just dragged his hind legs, so the obvious destination was the vet. The doctor informed the rescuers that Smokey’s injuries are not at all fresh ones, the wasted muscles indicated that he must have been lame for several weeks, if not months. The X-ray did not bring anything new, only a faint shade could be detected in the images around the lumbar vertebra.

Meanwhile his presence was obvious from the first day: if he was let to the courtyard he was literally everywhere, he was immensely proactive, he chipped in all the time, was talking all the time and he was always under foot notoriously requiring petting while he was rambling around the shelter with a continuously wagging tail.

Füstös was seemingly very happy this way either, but we decided to show him how it feels to all these on four.

We decided to have him a CT to have a clear picture of what his problem was. But it would not be Smokey if he did not bring a hoge smile on everyone’s face. So the following happened: he spent the night after the CT examination at his main supporter, Meggyes, and the dog must have had a gorgeous might, because besides him only the readres could be amused by the terrible night he caused to his patron.
Here are the notes from Meggyes about THAT night:
Well, I really like Smokey. Moreover, he is in my Top 3 list. But I had doubts last night about this, he really annoyed me. I arrived home around 11.30 and though he would deserve to be with the other dogs in the house instead of leaving him in the car for the night – he already knew the others, though he was not on friendly terms with KicsiKongó, I thought there would not be any problem.

Instead of a peaceful night Smokey, even though he was dazed, almost immediately began to provoke KicsiKomgó, who is, by the way a 50 kg Ridgeback male. Kongo was a nice chap and did not tear the 18 kg Smokey to pieces, he, after realizing that Smokey is just like this, he left him behind.

Obviously, Smokey was totally pissed off, followed KicsiKongó everywhere and bared at him all the time provoking the larger Kongo to settle this “who-is-the-bigger-dog” business once and for all.

Anyway, I would note here that this “who-is-the-bigger-dog” stuff is a bit boring by now: the have began in the shelter by fighting over who pisses higher and (I hope all understand that we are still talking about the same 18 kg Smokey and the 50 Kg KicsiKongó, so…). Not surprisingly Smokey lost, but at least he managed to piss his hinder legs, but no worries, he is not the guy to give up easily.
Bit to get back to the original story Smokey wanted to fight. Immediately and at any price.

A few days after we received the results of the CT and it disappointed all of us. We all hoped that Smokey is possible to be operated and after a shorter-longer rehab phase can be put on all four. Unfortunately the results showed otherwise.

It is difficult to tell what could be the original reason, but most probably an earlier bacterial infection caused partial damage in the lumbar vertebra. As nature regularly heals what is damaged, the process of recovery at the bones begun, but did not happen properly: the three vertebrae became a polyp-shaped bony part and this resulted in the narrowing of one-fifth of the neural cords.

From a medical point of view this meant that nothing can be done, Smokey would never be able to walk on his four feet again.
Ha-Ha, said our team, this is a silly thing to say when in the last two months Smokey’s condition and status has gradually developed, the stiff paralysis of the hind legs has been resolving gradually, so we do not accept impossible as an answer.

Our vet suggested starting hydrotherapy with Smokey – this sound quite scientific, isn’t it? In reality this meant that Smokey went to swim and bath with the others in the hot summer days. Though he swims quite well, these moments were not his favourite ones at Noe.

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He liked a lot better the following re-bandaging while he was petted in any possible forms.

The beach, the swimming and Füstös immense willpower brought it's outstanding results by the end of August. He reached the impossible and he was walking on all four. He is a bit instable sometimes, gets tired soon, but he walks – no, not walks but rather runs around. The miracle indeed has happened.

But this was just the beginning: Füstös condition, with the help of a supplementary acupuncture treatment, progressed unbelievably well. The initial hesitant steps were gradually replaced by firm and fast, happy and free running and tail wagging

Füstös became a hero and a star, an army of visitors were caressing him every weekend, the postman brought him packages and he paid this back by recovering. Because he wanted to recover.

But there was only one thing fame did not bring: the dream owner.

As time passed by fame faded and Füstös became one of hundreds of dogs. But he was not to be a one-trick pony who did not deserve renewed attention. He is a fighter, a real little hero.

So miracles could not just stop around him: a couple of days ago the miraculous events have continued. Though Füstös had to travel hundreds of miles, this did not matter at all.

Our miraculous sealdog was waited by the dram owner in Germany.

We all miss him, but it is almost impossible to tell how happy we are to know that he could make it: his dream has come true and got an owner.

There is only one who is unhappy about Füstös’s fortune: Riksa, the best friend of Füstös, the beautiful but lame German Shepherd. They were together is good and in bad, who fights a fight as well and who now remained desperately alone. Please, if you are around the courtyard, give Riksa a huge hug to prove: there is chance for miracles for all.


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