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Jenga who really wants to live

I cannot decide whether it is luck or misfortune that stands next to Jenga. He was found in the nineteenth district almost dry and frozen. He was skinny and between life and death. She was given infusion immediately and we hoped not to be late. We were not late…. The state of Jenga became better and I believed – how naive I was – that this was all, no more suffering. But I was wrong.

She had hardly gained her energy back and another challenge occurred: the infection of the intestine. She got many injections, ha was on a diet (but he was still so skinny…) and she had to take many pills. During the first couple of days she was only lying and looking at me with his bright eyes full of life.

She tolerated the loads of medicine without a word. Sometimes she fussed about the injections but then I whispered into her ears: you are a cool girl who never gives up and somehow she understood and finished complaining. Since she had no appetite and was not willing to drink, moreover she could not take the pills, consequently she needed more injections. Within a couple of days she started to be stronger. That’s perfect – I thought – she did it, there is nothing wrong, she only has to put on some weight and she will become the most perfect dog of the world. But I was wrong again.

As soon as she gained some energy back again, she started to cough. I suspected the problem but I did not dare to state it. I did not believe that life was testing her so aggressively at this very young age. Unfortunately I was right. The next problem was kennel coughing which was quite bad for her weak body. She got another pill for her absolutely not small quantity of already taken medicines.

Now we are still struggling but Jenga baby keeps holding on because she wants to live very much. I know and I feel that she is able to cope with this too and then my cool girl starts to recover totally.

To be continued

More pictures of Jenga HERE!


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