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We drink a toast – or the old Suly is 18 years old!

The story of this poem is the next. I usually check the database of the animals living in the animal shelter very often. As I have done the same in the last days too, I realized that I totally forgot a very important event . It is the very significant birthday of somebody, namely Uncle Suly. The good old guy is 18 years old!!!
So yesterday I prepared some delicacy (let us to say a „cake”), I scratched some thoughts beside and together with the workers outside we saluted the birthday of our beloved Uncle Sultan.
Our Dear Uncle Suly, may god bless you to live long, be healthy and if it is not a great request from destiny, we wish you to have soon a really good, loving owner.

For Your Birthday

I feel shame because having so much to do
I forgot a very important event: that you,
our dear beloved Suly
should have a birthday party.
Really, really, the old guy who has experienced so much attained the age of 18 years.
Most of you are wondering, right? Maybe you do not beleive.
I am telling the truth, and if the destiny was so cruel
to leave here this doggie in a respectable age with us
the least what I can do is to gratulate him, the Celebrity in the name of all of us.
His present is an especially tasty cake
and a brief stanza with a few verses which is very lame.
What happened here? - you were very surprised
when we gave the cake to you and looked into your huge brown eyes.
But finally you invented the way
how to eat the cake and rejoice, sharing with others anyway.
As we gathered together around you and celebrated your coming of full age,
I tought it would be pretty nice to recite you right now my poem.
But I changed my mind – oh no, you will be rescued of it,
And you had to listen only some main words of the gift…
What I want to say, you already know – there is no reason to spiel.
Otherwise, writing these sentences was really not easy for me
then I realized that there is some simple short words, you see,
which can easily describe the most:
these words are the essence of this poem and post
the message that in life should be your constant companion …

WE LOVE YOU!!!... we need no more to tell you everything, that is all
’cause this sentence is from our heart and you yourself created it, doggie boy!
You have been living in these words since you got into this harbourage
from the relatives of your owner who passed away as an unwanted heritage.
WE LOVE YOU when you stalk here leisurely,
among many visitors who can not beleive
that the dog who they can fondle is the oldest
and you are very proud about having their highest interest.
Moreover, you ponce some piece of salami
to show an evidence that the senior guy has hard earned some extra gift.
WE LOVE YOU when you always run over here very fast, disfiguring the younger ones
and you play happily and abandoned – as if you said:
„you do mistake if you think me an aging pet -
i do bluff with a few white hair in my fur coat, it is only a gag.”
WE LOVE YOU when you cock here vehemently and rival to fellows
and you become instantly a full-blooded male
confuting your elder age in this way
no matter what is at stake: food or female.
WE LOVE YOU when you dance attendance on dog ladies who are pretty
like the old and shy Lady Hetty.
I think I am right if I declare
that we all love the cute photo about you that we share.
There are two oldies behind their age and marrowbones, cuddling up to each other
at the evening of their lives
symbolizing never ending togetherness and love.
(Or better to say – but only very silently, not to hurt the dear old guy – that you are zippy
our Uncle Suly…)
WE LOVE YOU when happy snowflakes frisk about you in the air
mustering up their courage and sit on your hair.
Further on they look out to the wide world from there
and they are touched about having a friend who attained the age of Methuselah
and carry them free on his back.
And you also look like a gaffer
from fairy tales with snowy coat and white beard arriving to the shelter
to fulfill soon the wishes and desires of all animal.
WE LOVE YOU residing in the rest room as in your own empire
where you take retreat if you need solitude or feel tired.
Our Crapper Hob was the guard of this important room before
and often made frightened those who wanted to be there alone.
Now this area is yours, but you do not scare anybody
you only look at them without words very accurately.
In order not to have cold in the night you got a sweater too,
but finally they prepared a warm couch in the emergency room for you.
Having so many miles let behind by your feet, going up the stairs is difficult for you really
So now if you want you can walk up and down comfortably.
And WE LOVE YOU when you just stare into the space sadly, far from everyone. deep in thoughts.
What do you think about that time? What eat your heart out?
Do you remember your past and your owner who passed away two years ago?
Or do you think about your present: about a family you so much call for?
That you should be not here at this elder age
but celebrate at your beloved owner your 18th birthday?
You know, our Dear Suly, when I blew off the candle lights
on your imaginary cake, I had a wish in the name of all of us:
live long and meet a new owner who is the real one at last!
The heavy years you had in your life may be worthy to be yours
and if somebody will be your pallbearer, it will be your new loving family, we hope.
If our wishes may be not fulfilled
you need to know that we will be always here for you as your beloved family.
’Cause there is only a few fortunate person who can have a dog like this
and we are really proud to have you as ours!
You always will be OUR UNCLE SULTAN ,
who we all love so much as a human!


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