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Enel-or the size of the nation

We don’t get surprised when we hear about animals that are beated, kicked by children, left on the street, mutilated or shot down. Gahndi said that the size of the nation and the moral development is mirrored by the way we treat the animals. Well.. I think I don’t have to comment this.

Unfortunately we hear minimum one case per week of a tortured pet. Pets are beaten, starved, hooked up, stabbed or shot. So you have to decide the size of our nation! Here is a new case that was told by one of our volunteers.
„One evening we heard some cat’s meow but it was not the simple sound when they want to annoy dogs. We felt that the cat was hurt and tries to get some help. My dad went out and looked around but in the dark he didn’t see anything. Poor cat was crying all night. The next morning my dad went out again and he saw the scared cat on a pine tree in our neighbor’s garden.

Later we could grab him with the help of some firefighters. He was kind and purred in the arms of his helper. Everybody was happy that the cat could get down from the pine tree and he is fine…or not. But his savior realized the cat’s eye was hurt so my dad went immediately to the vet with him.

The veteranian said was not a simple eye injury. It was caused by an air rifle. The projectile affected his cranial bone. After the ballistics the doctor said it was an execution because the shot was so close to get this hole. (the size of the nation…individuals called people let the pet to trust and when he is close enough they shot them like and execution.. I think we can’t speak of the big size of the nation here—the editor) In the next moment the vet realized an other shot on the bottom of the cat. Maybe he got it when he tried to escape as a wonder.

The bullets were still in his body so he needs a surgery. The doctor said we should wait for a few days as his condition can be stabilized. After two days of starving his body is overloaded and weak.

After the rest new examinations started. Unfortunately the results were not so good. The bullets were in his skull. Maybe it can hurt his nerves. He needs a surgery or he would die in lead poisoning. The doctor warned us about the risks. Poor cat has just a chance of 50% to wake up after the surgery. He is lovely and he has silky paws. He is pulley, communicative and he needs love. His name is Enel.”
Enel had the surgery on Friday but we are not sure if he survives this horrible adventure.

The surgery, the healing and the aftercare costs 50.000 Ft. This is a huge burden now for NOÉ Pethome.
Please support us!
Our bank account: OTP 11710002-20083777
Sending money from abroad:
IBAN: HU62 1171 0002 2008 3777 0000 0000
OTP Bank / Budapest, 1102 Kőrösi Csoma sétány 6.
Paying online or by PayPal can be done from the middle right of our webpage!

Thank you very much!
Please write „Enel” to the notes!

Further pictures here!


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