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Introducing the Hundred Hand - One Heart

What is this thing again, some sect??

The Hundred Hand - One Heart Supporting Craft Club was created in order to show that such concepts as compassion, solidarity, awareness, responsibility, still exist in this twisted, money centered world. Month after month, we give sens to these words, when we sell at auctions the works of members of this Craft Club and all income goes to our Fondation. We believe that the intention to help, is only a question of attention and collaboration. The rescue of thousands discarded, abused animal, physical and mental rehabilitation and successful adoptions prove that there is no hopeless, no chance situation, there is only indifference, irresponsibility, lack of humanity, social insensitivity. If you think this is unacceptable, join the Craft Supporting Club, give hope to the hopeless.

How can you help?

Of course, by donating. Now you say, "Oh Noo, here we go, but on the one hand, I do not like to give money because I can't be sure who gets my money, but on the other hand I couldn't give anyway because it's the birthday of my girlfriend (name day of my husband, graduation of my kid, 100 years old my mother-in-law, birthday of the teacher etc.) I have to get something for them, so unfortunately I cannot help now. " But how about buying some beautiful gift for yourself or a beloved person and at the same time help our Shelter? Now you may think we spend too much time at sun, right? But not, believe me! Choose now from the products of 50 craftman, get a surprise for someone or even for yourself, and enjoy the feeling of helping our animals. How is this possible? The authors are now all abandoning the price of a product for the benefit of the shelter, they only regret not to be there to see the shocked faces of your friends when you show the new jewelry (bags, clothes, etc.) and the envious glances when you say, "Oh, this? I just donated to the Noah's shelter and this what I get in return"
So now you are interested about this new style of donating, right? We were sure in it. Now, let's check our products and buy yourself something beautiful on order to help us. Thank you!
Items offered on the week of the 3rd of October 2011


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