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More than will-with the help of acupuncture

We think everybody knows Füstös. Everybody thinks he is a wonderdog. This is partly true because we haven’t met a dog like him before. He has a strong will, struggles a lot and he is dedicated. He doesn’t know what does defeating mean. Whether it is about peeing a tree for the first or last time, or if his back legs work or not.

It’s no doubt we need the dog for this. However, the character of Füstös can be any his will is not enough. We should support him with other tools as well such as another therapy for eg. acupuncture.

Yes, this is the place for advertising. Results speak for themselves. Both humanly and technically a correct relationship has been developed: a young veteranian, Dr. Éva Mihállfy from Primavet offered us the opportunity to take part in an acupuncture therapy. Acupuncture is extremely useful treatment for dogs who suffer from locomotor disorders. So it was not a question that the first two patients will be Füstös and Riksa.

However, everybody knows Füstös, Riksa got undeservedly less attention so far. We got her from Zöld Menedék in Vác. She was living there after an accident where he was injured. A car ran over him that is why his backbone was almost collapsed. The only solution was to have him a long and difficult surgery. The surgery was successful but for further rehabilitation the life on the shelter was not enough. As soon as we had a free place in our salvage department we took her to NOÉ. His movement was awful, her legs had always slipped away and she was not able to use her backfoot. Thanks for the acupuncture she begins to recover and she does not move now like a seal.

After the skepticism we think acupuncture is a good methodology for treating dogs. Results were spectacular so we are sure we will use acupuncture both complementary and normal therapy.

Here you can read more about acupuncture from Dr. Éva Mihállfy:

Acupuncture is a more than 500 years old Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM). It’s essence is to have the balance in the body by the help of needlestick on the main points near the meridians. How to do it? Let’s begin!
Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) is a holistic healing method, that is why we examine both the patient and the illness. As a diagnostical methodology we use the Yin-Yang theory, the Five element Theory and the Eight Principles. I could write about them for ages but other scientists did it earlier. So if you want to know more than use Google. The key is to determine the signs pointed to a balanced, healthy body, therefore, why, how, how long and in what" direction "with the balance, and this led to a patient. After relevant experiences it’s easy to decide what is the reason of the illness, what is inside the body and how can the balance been rebuilt.
During diagnostics it is important to know something about the history of the symptoms for eg. the environment, nutrition, climate and when did the symptoms start. For example one dog with chronicle joint pain feels better if he is in a warm weather but for another dog with the same illness cooler weather is better. The most important is to examine the tounge and the heartbeat. We get many information from the colour of the tounge, the amount of plaque and the different regions of tongue. The TCM differs 29 pulse and for my happiness usually I see just 15 by dogs.
After we diagnostized the illness (Kidney Yin, Liver Qi and so on with the „Chinese” diagnose), let’s see how acupuncture treatment looks!
People or pets has 12 main and 8 special meridians. Meridians net the whole body and the side-branches are connected with the organs. Acupuncture points lay on 14 meridians, thew others „lend” points from other meridians. The acupuncture points lay on „the top of the mountains” or „at the bottom of tha valley” (by this points the electrical resistence is lower and the conductivity is high).
„QI” is an indispensable condition for life in chinese philosophy. Qi surrounds everything, it is everywhere. Life is there where the qi lays. In the body qi is in several forms (qi is the same buti n several forms). One type of qi streams in the meridians (Zen Qi) and we treats this by the needles in acupuncture. For example with the harmonizing of qi flow we dissolve the stagnation (pain=stagnation of Qi!), we seadate or even nourish Yin-Yang, we move the blood etc so we can reach the balance of the body. Sometimes it is strange to prick the leg of the dog by a needle when he feels pain in his back. The most important is the balance, treating the whole body and reaching the health=balance level. (For eg. If Qi stagnates by the backbone I can stimulate it with the third liver point which is in the end of backfoot.
The main advantage of acupuncture that it has no side-effects so in several cases we can improve the health, but the best choice is to integrate Western and Eastern treatment methodology.
Let’s see some facts about acupuncture!
Since Nixon found this methodology in 1972 in China several studies were made in the USA on the effectiveness of acupuncture:
Historical studies showed that there are many free nerve endings, lymphic vessels arterioles and mass cells etc. by the end of and acupunctural point
Certain meridians pass along by peripherical nerves. Meridians have nearly the same bioelectrical attributes such as the peripherial nerves.
Stimulating different acupuncture points cause brain activities in various areas. The activity level depends on it’s duration and how it is done.
During a treatment encephaline, dynorphine, endorphin and serotonine level increases (it depend on the duration and how acupuncture is done)
It has an anti-inflamatory effect, increases the white blood cell number and the IL-2 production.
Facilitates the submission of LH, prolactine and oxitocine.
And I can tell you some more facts, but it would be boring.

Dr. Éva Mihállfy

We can see the changes day by day. – Riksa is happy, well-balanced, beautiful German shepared girl. She tries to walk as much as she can and she is chasing the pigs in front of her and she loves every petting.

We don’t have to tell you anything about Füstös, just watch this video below:

Between the treatments they speak on big questions of life:


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