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We are collecting for an air conditioner

Dear supporters!

We are turning to you in the name of the Noah animal shelter foundation Minimenhely project, the Boxer and Bulldog breed rescue team.

People who know us, know that these 3 special projects are for injured, requiering treatment and sensitive animals. The injured, sick animals and these sensitive species can't take the temperature change too well if it is cold winter or the more dangerous summer heat.

We started an unevitable development last year. The bulldog shelter has been completed for a while and we started to build the boxer shelter next to it for the injured and sick dogs.

We have made big steps forward with the construction: the shelter was built, we built fences around it , the kennels were built which are easy to clean because it has tile flooring and tiles on the wall. But there are some other things what we have to do: plumbing, develop the cesspool, to build the yard and making the outside wooden walls and paint it. It is half build, but we are using the kennels inside, we had to because we have a lot of animals to take care of and we couldn't put them anywhere else.

In our plans the construction will be finished in September, 2011 and they can spend the winter in clean, indoor and conditioned places.

We would like to ask for your help, because the boxer rescue station heating and cooling system has not been built yet. When we made the bulldog shelter we had the same problem, but that time the Panasonic company offered a hightech air conditioner and they financed the installation too. Bulldogs enjoy the controlled temperature in the hot summer heat which means life for them. We would like to thank the company again for their help.

Our financial resources are very limited. Our veterinary costs and the special food costs that they need are so high that we can't buy an air conditioner and pay for the installation.

We ask every dog friend, bulldog and boxer fan to support us so we can buy the air conditioner.

We greatly appreciate every small amount that we receive.
Thank you!

Boxer rescue team/Noe animal home foundation

If you wish to make a donation please send it to the following account nr.:

IBAN: HU62 1171 0002 2008 3777 0000 0000
OTP Bank / Budapest, 1102 Kőrösi Csoma sétány 6.
Write air conditioner for boxers int he comment box.


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