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Lajkó, or the Hope of a Better Life

„It’s not a sin to stay alive when others die next to you. Neither is it a merit. It’s simply a possibility you have to make use of” /Raana Raas/

It was a horrible day for countless human and animal lives. Many severely injured and burnt animals arrived at our shelter. By now, most of them had returned to their original owners, and some to their original homes, as well. It was very hard for all of us afterwards. A lot of animals lost their families, their homes and their previous, easy lives.
There was one exception however: Lajkó.

He was also eaten by the sludge in several parts of his body but thanks to a series of medical treatments, he survived and is well now. (Although he will always bear the scars caused by the catastrophe on his legs and in his memories). He did not lose a careless life and a loving family just the everyday abuse and the short chain depriving him from his freedom. He did not have a good life…. he was not loved. He subsisted on a short chain and if he did something that seemed unacceptable for his owner, he was beaten. He did not have a good life.
When we hear about such a catastrophe, we would not even think that such a horrific event would bring new and better life to someone. However, in our story this is exactly what happened.
Lajkó got a new chance. Although he has a huge handicap since he lost his trust in humans completely.

When I arrived at the Noé shelter on my first day, I didn’t even think that my life will connect with his. I came to walk the dogs and the first one I was assigned to, was a shy, and horribly complicated dog who froze in the company of people. After the walk, I put him back into his kennel, took the collar off and stroked his head.
“Take care, he snaps when anxious”, the warning said.
He never snapped at me. EVER.
“He is the total “underdog”. He will never be rehomed.”

These sentences determined the future. I will help Lajkó no matter what and I’m gonna find him the perfect home and master. I find it unjust that an otherwise perfect dog should live the rest of his life at a shelter even if this shelter is Noé because a cruel person wasn’t bright enough to appreciate and love him. He hurt someone weaker than himself instead, as a sign of his own weakness.
I was thinking all the way home. He reminded me of my recently deceased dog so much that I could not take my mind off him.

This is how our story began…

From then on, I went to see him weekly. We walked and I sat with him in his kennel. And we were progressing… earlier I had to chase him for half an hour to be able to put the leash on him. It took weeks for him to come to the door timidly and not to run away. (Although when I touched him, he still froze.) A couple of weeks later he came to me and sniffed. During the walks, he strolled like a “real” dog. He enjoyed the balmy spring breeze panting.

Sitting in the courtyard


But then came the relapse. Unfortunately, due to my exams and the end of the semester I did not have enough time to visit him. When I was there, I did not have enough time for him since shelter life has been quite complicated lately. Therefore, for about a month – besides a few strokes – I could not spend too much time with him.
He relapsed. I had to run after him although I could tell he remembered me but did not dare to come closer. I always thought I can do anything by myself and I don’t like to ask for help. Really. I simply do not like it. However, this time it was necessary. I finally understood that this is not about me but about Lajkó. And in order to reach my goal I needed to ask for help - in his interest. Therefore last week I did.
I posted an ad to find a partner to fulfill the Lajkó project. To my biggest surprise, Niki Nemes and Reni Sztojka volunteered. This way all three of us try to prove to Lajkó that not all two-legged beings are monsters and that the adversities are over. No one can hurt him anymore and the hand that’s reaching out to him will not cause pain any more. And that he can trust people. Which is the most important.
On Saturday, I introduced him to the girls. And I think we are a great team. I left Lajkó with them for 20 minutes, they sat side by side, Lajkó wasn’t totally frozen and they stroked him.
This is going to work out.
I know one day he will happily roam in a garden or a park where a master who will be perfect from all aspects will take him. He will have a new playmate and will not be afraid because he will not be hurt any more. Moreover, he’ll be loved. Loved very deeply.
Until this happens and until we make him forget all the bad things that he had to live through I will not stop and I know – we know – we’re going to succeed.

More info on Lajkó HERE!

We will regularly inform our readers on the rehabilitation process of Lajkó, titled “Lajkó’s Diary”.
Plus I still look for volunteers who would participate in this really rewarding task. More people mean greater success and better chances. Applications welcome at:

Andi Hegyesi

(Remark by NOÉ: Andi we are very grateful for what you have already done for him. And not just him since besides taking care of Lajkó (you are the Lajkó Girl) you are a committed member of our horse rescue, you help out at school education programs and events, as well.)


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