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Linda- new beginning, a new habitant arrives to the Noah's Ark Animal Shelter

Update: 29.06.2011
Time passes by, and we still need approx. 2000 EUR to start.
Linda needs your help! She needs to move until the end of this year, but dreams seems to collapse..

We hope the Shelter will have a new habitant soon, Linda, a 13 year old collared baboon, who is living at a family currently. The family is seeking for the appropriate solution for the monkey since years. After all Wild parks and Zoos they have contacted refused them they have got in touch with us by coincidence.

Linda has been bought completely legally by the family 13 years ago. According to the original plans the daughter of the Family who has been learning to become an artiste would have worked with the young animal. Finally life performed differently and Linda has never worked in the Circus. She has lived and lives currently as a family pet, encompassed with love and care.

Her family has realized several years ago that the small place created in their family house not the ideal territory for a collared baboon. Therefore they have started to seek for a solution to ensure her reassuring future. They have visited all the Zoos, Wild parks and every places what have been reliable and suitable for her. Unfortunately none of them could bet Linda. After a long searching period and an abortive moving attempt they have found the Noah's Ark Animal Shelter. Our colleagues have contacted the professionals immediately and the preliminary planning has started.
The conception has been followed by act soon. With the help of the responsible authorities and the professionals the process to have all the licenses necessary for having a monkey and the planning of the caddie and the heated place what is covering adequately all the demand has started.

We have started a palatial lobbying activity in order to start the executioner work as soon as possible. Based on the preliminary calculation the establishment of Linda’s new place would cost 1 million forints. Certainly majority of the cost will be covered by the Noah's Ark Animal Shelter, but we are appreciating the help of patrons also.

We would like to ask who has the convenience to do so, help the building of Linda’s new home

Our bank account number is:

For transfer from abroad
IBAN: HU62 1171 0002 2008 3777 0000 0000
OTP Bank / Budapest, 1102 Kőrösi Csoma sétány 6.

Please note Linda in the remark heading

About the preparation, the building operations, the move and the everyday life of Linda the colleagues of the Foundation gives ongoing information flow through Linda’s personal facebook page:
According to the plans Linda will be able to move to her new home during the summer.

/Photos by Natália Meister/


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