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Noé Állatotthon Alapítvány - Wilbur
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Name: Wilbur
Sex: Dog
Born: 2009.01.01.
Arrived: 2015.09.04.

If you have questions about Wilbur, please send an e-mail to !

He is a short black haired mix male dog who was found in 2009 in Rákospalota, that’s how he become our resident. He was just a small playful puppy and he had found an owner after some month in 2010. But now, five years later his owners decided to give him back to us. They said that he has “storm panic” which means that he loves to escape and that’s the reason why they gave him back. This is true, we couldn’t deny this, but of course Wilbur have the right to be our residential till the end of his life as all of our protegees.

There are many practices to make a fence escape-proof and to appease the storm panic for example with homeopathic medicines. Although it is not an easy case but he is manageable with patience, love and caring. Sadly his ex-owners couldn’t give him these things. Why they did not ask for help or advice?

We know that it’s not easy to find him a new home because of his size, color and problems but we hope that someone somewhere needs him. He is very people-centered and he loves every dog too. He is very active, he loves to run and walk with people. He is very attentive and he loves to lean. We are recommend him for those who likes to move around a lot, run and hike. Anyone who could take him to dog school and makes more program with him. He is not a bad dog, just needs an owner who could take care of him. He could be a really loyal mate!

He cannot wait for the right one who will love for life, take care of him and never let him alone again.

We are adopting chipped, vaccinated and neutered. We recommend him for anyone who could take him to dog school and makes more programs with him.

For more information, please call 06 30 221 1299 from Monday to Saturday, from 10:00 a.m. to 03:00 p.m. or personally at NOÉ Állatotthon foundation 1171 Budapest, Csordakút street’s end.

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