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Name: Arabeszk
Sex: Bitch
Born: 2021.09.01.
Arrived: 2023.09.27.

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Nick From Till
Évi 2023.10.23. 2023.11.07.
Nunuli 2023.10.17. 2023.10.22.

If you have questions about Arabeszk, please send an e-mail to !

She was named Arabesque, for the little girl from Sánta, because it means so much more beautiful than she is beautiful inside and out.
She is the puppy who somehow got injured days ago and instead of a vet, her owner simply tied her up between the trash...
Her right front paw was almost destroyed. The entire upper part of the foot, the soft tissue, the tendons and the bones of the fingers are missing. Although the news reports suggest that she was hit by a car a few days ago - which cannot be completely ruled out - the injury may be even older and the bones in his foot are so regularly cut in a row that it is more likely to be a blow from something very sharp. And we'll leave it to everyone's imagination from here...
Her leg is inflamed, very badly swollen. She's feverish, but thank God there's no other sign of major trouble. What you can see in the picture I got last night is the agony of terrible pain.
At first glance, everyone was struck dumb by the horrific injury and the thought occurred to everyone: this leg is beyond saving. But there is a reason why we have our miracle worker ver Dr Boda. Attila Boda has also assessed the situation and he wants to fight for this leg. "Because amputation is always possible!"
So now, with strong painkillers, antibiotics, sugar bandages and daily vet check-ups, the fight to save Arabesque's leg is on.
The damage is huge, it's going to be a long journey, but we're providing everything she needs. We would love to see her play on 4 legs and then walk happily away with a wonderful owner!

Arabesque is not available for adoption at the moment, but we welcome any support we can give to help her recovery.

For more information, please call 06 30 221 1299, Monday to Saturday between 10am and 3pm or visit info@noeallatotthon.hu.

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