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Noé Állatotthon Alapítvány - Gino
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Name: Gino
Sex: Dog
Born: 2021.01.01.
Arrived: 2022.01.25.

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Nick From Till
Andrea 2022.03.07. 2022.03.17.

If you have questions about Gino, please send an e-mail to !

Gino, this sweet, beautiful little boy spent days - only 4 days that we know of for sure - in a ditch after being hit by a car in Tiszabő. Both his back legs were shattered and his body was riddled with air rifle bullets. It is horrifying to think how he survived the coldest nights in the coldest nights, in immense pain, helpless, hungry and thirsty, alone in the middle of nowhere... My God, there is so much will to live, so much perseverance and strength in these wonderful animals. TISZA Animal and Nature Protection Association rushed to her aid and got her to a vet in Budapest.
Gino's broken legs were operated on at the Gizmók Veterinary Clinic and he is being assisted in his further recovery by the South Pest Veterinary and Surgical Centre. When someone has two legs broken into splinters, walking is almost impossible, so Gino can't really move around without help yet. And we can only hope that he doesn't have any serious nerve damage and that they will eventually manage to save both of his hind legs. They haven't been able to do anything with the bullets yet, but that's not the priority right now.

This sweet little boy is standing up on his own and can take a few steps a few days after his leg surgery. In fact, he wants to be the center of attention. He's babbling, he's talking, he's got a full complaint box. We are very hopeful for his full recovery.

We can't rest yet because apart from his leg fracture, unfortunately, his heartworm test came back positive‼️ As soon as his condition allows, he will have more tests to determine the severity of his condition.

He will be up for adoption after he recovers. For more information please write to info@noeallatotthon.hu.

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