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Noé Állatotthon Alapítvány - Hajdúszoboszlói Árboc
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Name: Hajdúszoboszlói Árboc
Sex: Dog
Born: 2018.01.01.
Arrived: 2020.07.28.

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If you have questions about Hajdúszoboszlói Árboc, please send an e-mail to !

We have heard about the situation 3 weeks ago. We have contacted the local authorities and have asked for their help to solve the situation once and for all...

I don't think I can properly give you back the conditions that we experienced. There is an average size house and about 30-40 dog. We know when we go to a place like this we always go with a larger group of people because there are always surprises just like there were at this location too.

The animals lived together in the house in horrible conditions. The smells that came out when the windows were opened warned us about what we would find in the house. It was unlivable for humans and animals...
In order to make this "simpler" for everyone the doors were closed in the house and the animals were handed out the windows one by one. It felt like it would never end 30, 40, 50, 60, 70 plus one more dog and 5 cats in bad shape. None of them had chips in them so they were chipped immediately so they could be identified and transported to safety.

They are all mixed dog. Some of them adult, some teenagers and some puppies. Some are sick, neglected, their fur stink of urine, poop and it is stuck together. They don't know the human touch at all and their souls are broken. 😔❤️💔

8 Organisation 71 dog and 5 cats.

We would like to thank the local authorities for their cooperation and their work. The local vet for his help saving these animals.

Of course we made the offical complaint at the police station and they started the proceedings. We want to beleive in our justice system and we are hoping for good outcome.

Árbóc is the most afraid of the group. He spent the first day trying to get out of the kennel and fleeing the animal home. He has calmed down since and stopped doing it but his eyes are still sad and he is still shy.

His previous owner gave him up but due to the police investigation she can't be adopted yet.

For more information call 0036 30 221 1299 or send an email to info@noeallatotthon.hu.

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