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Noé Állatotthon Alapítvány - Érpataki Erika
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Name: Érpataki Erika
Sex: Bitch
Born: 2017.10.01.
Arrived: 2018.04.03.

If you have questions about Érpataki Erika, please send an e-mail to !

Erika Érpatakai was born in October, 2017 and now she is safely in our care which was not the case before she came to us.

Her situation was the following: On 6th of March a video surfaced on the internet where it was shown that the Mayor of Érpatak gave orders for 9 dogs to be picked up and be taken away. The way they were taken and then tied in the trunk of a car was done cruelly to the animals. A couple of Animal Rescue Organizations filed a complaint and asked to be informed where are the dogs which is still unknown to this they. We think that they are all dead.
Then on 9th of March the Mayor made a live video and said that 5 dogs out of the 9 were found but then 1 of them dissapeared again.

But these 4 dogs are not the same dogs. It didn't take long to realize it we just had to watch the original video and it was clear as day.

We are looking for a family who is responsible and is aware of the hardships of bringing up a young dog and is ready to accept that there will be accidents and losses in the flat or in the garden. We are looking for someone who will not only love her when she is a young but will love her, when she is an adult and also when she gets old.
She will be most likely middle sized when she grows up.

She is chipped, her vaccination program has been started and the owner has to continue it. The future owner is obligated to neuter her and we will check it.

For more information call 0036 30 221 1299 or visit us at the shelter in the 17th district at the end of Csordakút street from Monday till Saturday between 10am-15pm.

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