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Name: Pattanás
Sex: Dog
Born: 2016.07.01.
Arrived: 2016.08.14.

If you have questions about Pattanás, please send an e-mail to !

The call came from the Animal rescue Association in Kisújszállás asking to help and itty bitty little 6-7 week old dog who is sick, dehydrated and has an abscess on his face. His rightful place would be at his mother’s side having a happy puppy life and instead he was just deposited in a garden where he was found.

He came to us in the last minute and of course we rushed him to our vet. He has a serious case of diarrhea, he ate very little and he threw even that little back up and his face was swollen from the pus in the abscess. Thanks to the medication, infusion and to the care of the vet and his team Pattanás vim and appetite is starting to come back. He is being fed slowly and cautiously at the clinic and we are hoping that the starvation hasn’t done any permanent damage in his body.

The other big health problem is the abscess which the vet cleans every day but the pus comes back and when they opened the wound they took out a 1cm big piece of bone which broke off from his cheekbone and it is a big piece for his size. What happened to him originally no one knows. A sample of the pus was sent to analysis so they can overcome this problem.

He has a lot of problems for such a small and young dog so keep your fingers crossed so he will heal and LIVE!
He is a very week, friendly and a sweet little puppy who doesn’t understand what is happening to him but thankful for the care that he is getting.

Pattanás is in the Clinic and he will stay there for a while. He is receiving treatment everyday, special food and medication. Different lab tests are done which are expensive. Please, support this little puppy!!!

After he heals We adopt him with chip and with strict sterilization obligations which the owner has to complete it within the specified time period which we will check!

We adopt puppies in Budapest + 30 km. For more information please call 06 30 221 1299 from Monday to Saturday, from 10:00 a.m. to 03:00 p.m

More pictures HERE!!!




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