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Name: Gyárfás
Sex: Dog
Born: 2014.06.01.
Arrived: 2016.06.21.

If you have questions about Gyárfás, please send an e-mail to !

Gyárfás was ran over in the Hajdúság about 180km from Budapest. Totally broken, with huge pains and probably being scared, helpless, unable to move. A lot of people have tried to call help for him but nobody helped. (I really don’t understand that the people who called for help why didn’t they take him to a safe place or to a vet where he would have gotten painkillers for his enormous pains.)

So more people tried to call help but nobody helped. This poor dog lay on the side of the road for more then 2 days in the sizzling heat. His bones were broken and couldn’t move and he was flyblown. The maggots have started to eat him alive. His rear half was swollen. Finally his story made it to our shelter. He received his first life saving treatment at the Hortobágy Bird Hospital and that is where we went to get him.

Gyárfás is a young male dog with a Duchshund like body and entrancing eyes. He wants to live and walk again. His soul is not broken and he still loves people and life!

Our miracle worker vet Dr. Boda has examined him and made x rays and the results are distressing. He has minimum of 5 brakes and each of them are severe:

- Right tibia broke
- Pelvic bones have came off from the sacrum
- Pelvic bone broken at more places
- Right ankle broken
- Toe(s) amputation
Besides these bone injuries he has so called shering injuries on both of his hind legs. This means the tire went over his and probably because the driver stepped on the brake it grinded the soft tissue off from his hind legs and because of this at least one of his toe has to be amputated.

As soon as he is over the sepsis the vet will operate. 5 big bone breaks in 3 step operation. He will have couple of implants, screws and metal disks built in.
This will be a very long recovery for Gyárfás. It will be a difficult ordeal for him, for the vet and his team and for our budget. According to the primary calculation his treatment will be between 200000-250000 huf ( 700-900 euros).

Gyáfrás wants to live and we will do everything in our power to help him heal but we need your help as well. After his surgeries he will need to learn to walk again and we are hoping the he will be so healthy and happy like Ripityom and Noémi!

More pictures HERE!!!




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