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Noé Állatotthon Alapítvány - Hapi
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Name: Hapi
Sex: Dog
Born: 1998.11.01.
Arrived: 2012.11.15.

If you have questions about Hapi, please send an e-mail to !

Hapi is a 14-year-old Caucasian male dog. His owner died in the summer so he remained alone in the house. He had a buddy when his owner was alive but the buddy was a lively German shephard mix but the owners did not want to deal with so Manó has been a resident of the Shelter since the summer.

Hapi stayed there because as an old dog it did not disturb the people so much and as a big dog he caused fear. “And he is 14 so he will surely die by the end of the summer”. Well, Hapi made a mistake and “did not die by the end of the summer” and not even by the end of the winter. (Quotations are from the heir of the house.) But the dog’s health became quite bad. He can hardly stand up and has got a problem with his balance so he is becoming a senior. There was a danger that with his health status he needs a doctor or even dares to die at the house, which are all problems and cost a lot. Since he did not do the favour of death he became our resident. And he does not understand what happened and why he is here. Why did he have to leave the house which was the last connection with his beloved owner? Unfortunately, we cannot say anything to him.

We just admire the giant, wonderful and kind dog. Hapi has difficulties in walking, he is deaf and the world became quite slow around him. He became totally introverted, he does not communicate and seems to sink into his own safe world. We love him so much and do everything for him in order to make him understand that this is a safe place for him until he wants to stay in this world. He cannot be with Manó because Manó’s health became bad too, he has paralysis in both his back legs consequently he does not stand any other dogs around him.
It would be ideal if someone could adopt Hapi to make the rest of his life happier in a real home.

Hapi is looking for an owner with vaccinations and a chip.

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