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Noé Állatotthon Alapítvány - Pintyőke
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Name: Pintyőke
Sex: Bitch
Born: 2003.07.01.
Arrived: 2011.07.01.

If you have questions about Pintyőke, please send an e-mail to !

Pintyőke is an about 8 years old female pincher mix. This is how a usual description of an average dog would start. But Pintyőke cannot be called an average dog by any means… She is that type of little thing that cannot be passed by without a smile and without loving her instantly. We don’t know why but this is a fact.
She was found in May but her original owner was never found. The reason was quite obvious: a huge hump hanged down from her tiny belly that turned out to be a gigantic hernia. It is inexplicable how she could live for months without trouble with such a massive problem but this is what happened. And she hasn’t lost any of her charm, her kindness – it was only her movement that had to be adjusted to be able to walk with that enormous lump.

Naturally, we operated on her immediately and although the surgery went perfectly well Pintyőke could not return from the hospital. She was well, and everything went just fine. However, she was still kept there. Of course, since she would twist everyone around “her finger” there, as well. :)

By now, she is back, healed and healthy. The huge problem has not scarred her. There is only one thing, her strange walk that seems rather funny by now, having no lump on her tummy.

Pintyőke loves comfort and luxury, by the way. In her youth, she must have been chased around the table when she didn’t want to sleep between silk sheets. Now that she does not have the personnel, she solves the problem herself: she covers herself easily when she is cold! :)

She awaits her dream owner with shots, microchip and neutered.

With the huge hump:

And without:

More pictures HERE!




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