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Noah's Ark Animal Shelter Bulldog Rescue Project

Noah's Ark Animal Shelter Bulldog Rescue Project – Annual Report, 2009

Our bulldog rescue project has been rescuing French and English Bulldogs for a year now, and during this time it has become clear that there is a great need for such a project. A large number of dogs were waiting to be rescued, were found or given to us, but with the help of our enthusiastic volunteers most of them found a new, loving home and family.

Quite often – actually in most cases – the dogs that come under our care are ill or injured, and need medical treatment which means huge expenses. We would like to thank for all the help and support our volunteers have given us, be it a small amount of money, food or any other kind of donation. It is, unfortunately, very rare that a healthy dog comes under our care.

The bulldog is a very sensitive breed. They are susceptible to several diseases, and their treatment can be very expensive if the dog does not get the necessary medical care in time. One such illness is demodecosis. Demodex is a genus of parasitic mites that live in the hair follicles of the animal and causes serious skin problems. We had to face this disease many times, and as the original owners often failed to recognize the problem and take the dog to a veterinary, in some cases the disease escalated and the time of recovery doubled.
Here are some pictures of our sick dogs:

In 2009, 50 dogs were brought to us: 29 French bulldogs, 18 English bulldogs and 3 bulldogs of mixed breed. Now only 15 of them are waiting for a new owner, the others found their new home already.

It is clear that the dogs need us, and we will continue the project with unbroken enthusiasm. Due to the large number of animals, however, we are facing the problem of temporary housing. We never reject a dog that is in need, but the number of our temporary adopters is limited, and bulldogs need a warm place during the wintertime due to their short fur. That's how the idea of a bulldog shelter came up. It would actually be a container building in the area of the animal shelter that would serve as a temporary housing unit and a small medical room for bulldogs. According to our calculations, the costs of such a housing unit (with all internal equipments, heating, kennels etc) sum up to ca. HUF 600,000.

That's why we asked, and now we ask again for the support of bulldog lovers in order to make this small facility start running as soon as possible.

As a summary, we can say that 2009 was a fruitful year, and many bulldogs were rescued, healed and given for adoption. To reach our future goals, however, we still need the help of our volunteers and supporters. Please help us so that we can help all buldogs in need – at the end of the day this is the cause that brought our small team together!

You can make your donation to the following bank account:
Noah's Ark Animal Shelter Bulldog Rescue Project – OTP 11710002-20085023

It is also possible to support our dogs by virtually adopting them on our website:

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