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The “Mini Shelter” project

Our biggest and most extensive project, the “Mini Shelter”, was started in spring 2004. This is an unprecedented initiative in Hungary, which aims to rescue, re-socialize and re-home dogs that ended up at the dogcatcher, were abused, tortured, or sentenced to put to sleep.

Within the framework of the project, a new, “mini shelter” with ten kennels were built in the area of the Noah's Ark Animal Shelter. The work was exclusively done by volunteers who contributed only out of enthusiasm, without receiving any form of payment. This new shelter is separated from the other kennels, and dogs in need are continuously received and homed here.

The Mini Shelter Project has the largest budget of all of our projects, since dogs picked up at the dogcatcher usually suffer from diseases, and they often need months of medical treatment before they are apt to be homed in the shelter, where their physical and mental rehabilitation is taken up by volunteers and professionals alike.
And despite its name, this project is not that small at all! In spring 2005, only one year after the start of the actual building of the kennels, the hundredth dog found its new owner!
Although initially it was started as a project for rescuing dogs from the infamous Animal Control Office at Illatos road, the scope has been broadened as years passed. As the ways and means of handling animals at Illatos road has gained much publicity in the media, and other animal rescue organizations joined the Mini Shelter Project's initiative, we made contact with dogcatchers in the countryside, where animals usually face even worse conditions and handling, and where the chances for adoption are very small or virtually nonexistent.

Luckily, many dogcatchers were willing to cooperate with us; some of them even called us when injured, sick or pregnant animals were brought to their offices, and asked for our help. Thus, the Mini Shelter Project now rescues dogs facing the possibility of being put to sleep, from 25 different animal control offices throughout the country.

First we put the newcomers to quarantine, send them to animal hospital (if needed), or house them at our volunteers; when we are sure that they do not have any contagious diseases, got all the medical treatment they needed and have been vaccinated, they move to the shelter itself, where big kennels and enthusiastic volunteers are waiting for them to start their rehabilitation.

The Mini Shelter gives dogs for adoption only if they are vaccinated, neutralized and given a microchip, and only after we made sure that the new owner can provide a proper environment for the dog. As dogs involved in this project have usually gone through a lot of physical and mental cruelty and have bad experiences, we double check the background of everyone who wants to adopt them in order to avoid further stress to the animal.

Consequently, the project has a special and very strict adoption policy. Our goal is not to get rid of the dogs but to secure a normal life for them in safety, and to find an owner who will not let them down even when they are old and sick. We do not rescue these dogs to give them away to irresponsible owners who might put them on the street again or refuse their medical treatment. We ask for your patience if our volunteers ask questions or even would like to check whether there is a proper fence in your garden – we do this in order to be sure that our animals will be sound and safe! You can read more about the project's adoption policy on the project's website.

Anyone can join the project as a volunteer; we continuously need reliable and devoted people who can help with animal transportation, temporary housing or who are willing to represent the project on festivals, animal exhibitions, animal fairs or other occasions. All hands are needed!

You can read more about the project on the website (in Hungarian), where you will find information on the dogs waiting for adoption as well.

The project has a separate bank account number; donations payed here are spent on the rehabilitation and healing of dogs involved in the Mini Shelter Project.

Hungarian bank account number: 11710002-20084606

International Bank Account Number of the Noah's Ark Animal Shelter Foundation: HU62 1171 0002 2008 3777 0000 0000
OTP Bank / Budapest, 1102 Kőrösi Csoma sétány 6.

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